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Ngày đăng: 13/02/2023 08:46

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of its establishment October 18, 1959 – October 18, 2019, Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 4 has prepared a series of very special events. The first is the ICON4 Friendly Football Tournament with partners and friends in the same Corporation. The tournament has received great attention and investment direction. The Board of Directors of the Company in the preparation, practice, opening and during a week of the tournament. With the great efforts of each member of the team, the Organizing Committee as well as the enthusiastic cheers of the fans who are the company's employees, did not manage the rainy weather. Come cheer and cheer for the tournament. The ICON4 friendly football championship trophy is a commendable achievement for the team's efforts  ICON4.

Following the success of the football tournament, not only the sports movement throughout the Company was aroused and maintained regularly, but then we successfully organized a two-day Team building trip at the relic site. K9 and Serena resort. During the visit to K9, we had the opportunity to review a heroic period of the country's history. At Serena Resort, we participated in team games to increase our understanding, stick together, and support each other to complete the team's common tasks. The Gala dinner with special and elaborate musical performances by the departments was also well received with enthusiastic cheers from all staff, which will be bold imprints that we will remember. forever.

The most impressive is the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of ICON4 held on October 18, 2019 at the Marriott Hotel. A great party of sound and light with the enthusiastic participation of a large number of representatives. representatives, distinguished guests, customers, partners, all staff of ICON4 and especially the veteran leaders of the Company over the years.

(Staffs and employees of the Company welcome former leaders of the Company from time to time)

(Photo exhibition area 60 years of establishment and development of ICON4)

The 60-year history of establishment and development with the country is an extremely rare milestone that very few companies have achieved. Experiencing many ups and downs, the ICON4 brand is still bright until today, which is a great pride for all employees of the Company over the years. The company still has many difficulties in the past period, but in the coming period, with the direction and administration of the Board of Directors, gradually restructure human resources, innovate working methods, especially the support of the Board of Directors. Facilitation support of Taseco Company is a major shareholder with very reputable leaders in the construction and real estate investment market ... we are more and more confident of Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 4 (ICON4 ) will be in a very respectable new position.

(The guest gave flowers to celebrate the company's anniversary)

(Former leader of the Company gave souvenirs to the current Board of Directors)

(Mr. Nguyen Duc Ha – General Director of the Company delivered the opening speech at the celebration)

(The Board of Directors of the Company raised a toast to the party)

(MC Thuy Van started hosting the 60th anniversary of ICON4)

(The joyful and vibrant atmosphere of the celebration)

From here on, all employees are employees of the Company, focusing on labor, confidence, creativity, solidarity, and join hands to build a strong and sustainable company. All officers and employees of Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 4, let's commit to make our best efforts to implement the plans set out by the Board of Directors. We firmly believe that despite many difficulties and challenges in the coming period, overcoming them will open up a bright new horizon in the future. ICON4 – New position, new horizon!

Article and photo : Tran Huu Phong


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