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Supporting businesses during the Covid-19 epidemic must take care of rice and fish sauce

Ngày đăng: 09/02/2023 15:48

Recently, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc issued a directive on urgent tasks and solutions to remove difficulties for production and business in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic. After that, the Ministry of Finance developed a draft decree on extending the deadline for paying tax and land rent.

Discussing this issue, the National Assembly deputies offered many views, highlighting many solutions to not only deal with the current epidemic, but also promote growth in the future.

"You have to catch the disease to get the medicine"

Delegate Phung Van Hung, standing member of the Economic Committee, said that the Government's measures to support people and businesses in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic are very necessary. He emphasized, in the condition that Vietnam's resources are limited, it is necessary to carefully consider measures to be appropriate, to the right audience, not to be leveled.

Mr. Hung said that the Government needs to work with key enterprises, industry associations, and different fields... to grasp the difficulties of each industry, from which to have appropriate measures and right subjects. .

Meanwhile, delegate Nguyen Van Than (Thai Binh), said that it is necessary to have quick and correct policies to support small and medium enterprises. According to the Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, the resilience of this business sector will be more difficult than that of other groups.

Currently, he emphasized that the Prime Minister already has Directive 11 on support measures, so he wants ministries and sectors to soon put support policies into practice, in a timely manner.

Delegate Pham Van Hoa (Dong Thap) said that in the current epidemic context, the Government must accept to cope with the decline in GDP growth in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic. He said that tax policies for businesses must harmonize benefits for both businesses and the State.

However, delegate Hoa emphasized that policies must be clear, transparent, and not let some businesses take advantage.

“Not massively supporting. Maybe there will be businesses taking advantage of the policy to get support from the Government at this time," said Mr. Hoa.

Both non-financial solutions

Meanwhile, delegate Truong Trong Nghia (HCMC) mentioned non-financial policies to support struggling businesses, thereby helping to maintain growth amid the raging Covid-19 epidemic. .

According to Mr. Nghia, Vietnam does not have the economic potential of developed countries, even the budget is always in deficit. Especially, when the epidemic situation is longer and longer, the budget revenue is further reduced. In that condition, in addition to financial support, the Government must also consider non-financial measures, such as mechanisms and policies, to support businesses.

“We must solve the problem of support at this time in a scientific and reasonable way. The budget is limited, so if you want to help businesses, you have to make sure you have rice and fish sauce, "said Mr. Nghia.

A delegate to the HCM City National Assembly said that in the current context, businesses that have difficulty in capital should have a policy of debt freezing, debt rescheduling, tax deferral, thereby helping to maintain businesses and maintain production and business. business and jobs.

However, there are also businesses that do not have difficulty in capital but need other support measures. He likened the case that many businesses are having difficulty with congested investment projects, such as the real estate sector, which are in dire need of mechanisms and policies to be removed. Mr. Nghia mentioned that many real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City have been stalled for many years. Among these, many businesses have potential, are ready to carry out projects when allowed, create supply to the market, and promote economic growth.

“Projects have different obstacles, so when removing them, it is necessary to apply them to ensure the harmony of benefits. State interests are not damaged, enterprises can implement projects, society benefits. A serious epidemic, spreading globally, causing multi-faceted losses and potentially lasting, has created a special situation. Therefore, it is necessary to design supportive policies commensurate with that special situation”, Mr. Nghia said.

He shared that if there is a problem with the law, the National Assembly can issue a special resolution, similar to the previous resolution on bad debt settlement, to solve projects.

Delegate Truong Trong Nghia also mentioned the issue of promoting public investment. He said that due to the epidemic situation, it would be difficult to mobilize private investment in infrastructure projects, such as the North-South Expressway. Instead of waiting for private investment, the state can act as the investor, or preside over mobilizing investment, and then organize bidding to implement the project.

“Due to the investment from the state budget, the Government will apply administrative measures to promote disbursement, thereby helping enterprises to restore production and business, create jobs, so that employees can income,” he said. Finally, Mr. Truong Trong Nghia emphasized that the Covid-19 epidemic leads to an increased risk of unemployment, which is extremely worrisome, especially when many workers are poor, low-income, have no project assets. store. He wants the Government to have policies to limit unemployment, limit difficulties for people's lives, otherwise the consequences will be huge.

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