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The meeting in the early spring of Canh Ty 2020

Ngày đăng: 09/02/2023 15:58

Closing the year 2019 with many bold imprints and typically the series of events to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Company, Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 4 has had a strong transformation. From the most obvious change, the Company moved to work in a new office on the 7th floor of ICON4 Building, which was designed according to a modern, professional and personality open office model. Besides, the obvious change is the rearrangement of the organizational management apparatus to be more streamlined and versatile. A cozy, close-knit year-end party is something that each of us ICON4 members feel.

To start a new year of the Year of the Rat 2020, the Company's leaders decided to choose January 6 to hold a meeting in early spring with a new year full of faith and hope.

(The whole hall of the meeting in the early spring of Canh Ty 2020)

At the beginning of the spring meeting, all officers and employees of the Company heard Mr. Nguyen Duc Ha - General Director of the Company, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company, wished Tet to all brothers and sisters and their families. . Sincere, warm but also powerful wishes give rise in the hearts of each of our officers great confidence in the way ahead, despite many difficulties, but with determination and efforts, we will surely win, overcome difficulties step by step, stabilize and develop the Company in a sustainable way.

(Company employees together congratulate the new year with new successes)

After New Year's greetings, the General Director announced the good news to everyone that in the early days of this new spring, the Company signed a contract to construct some initial items at the resort and service area. Bang hot spring rehabilitation. Company leaders also reminded each ICON4 employee to actively learn, work in solidarity and support each other, catching up with the new era trend so that creative workers can step by step improve working efficiency. Only then will we succeed in implementing production and business plans, improving the financial situation of the Company and gradually improving income and welfare for employees.

(Special musical performances)

The atmosphere of the meeting at the beginning of spring was even more joyful when the Board of Directors of the Company gave lucky money to each employee and a lucky draw program to find the luckiest people to be led by the Board of Directors. Company gives gifts. Interspersed with the special performances from the trade unions of the departments were quizzes about the company's tradition, about the spring day, which made the atmosphere of the ceremony more exciting and warm. The gifts for the members who participated in the arts as well as the ones who answered the questions correctly the fastest also made the atmosphere more lively and joyful.

(Brothers and sisters excitedly received lucky money from the Company's Leaders)

Closing the activities at the common hall, the program of the early spring meeting was resumed with the brothers, sisters, brothers and sisters coming to congratulate the Company's leaders and their departments as gratitude for their support. support and help each other, tighten solidarity and unite to overcome upcoming difficulties to successfully complete all assigned tasks in 2020.

A new year begins in the spring, the development of the Company starts from the Board of Directors and all employees of the Company, above and below, united and united to emulate creative labor. Starting the new year with a new construction contract, nothing is better and happier, all employees of the Company unite to overcome all challenges, believe in the Company's Board of Directors and are determined to successfully complete all plans. plan 2020.

Thank you to the Board of Directors of the Company and the Organizing Committee of the spring meeting for bringing us these meaningful moments. The spring atmosphere has filled the hearts of each of our ICON4 employees and will soon turn into a motivation to start working with the first tasks in the Spring of the Rat.

Article and photo : Tran Huu Phong

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